Jiangsu NPC deputies share progress in rural revitalization
2019-03-14 16:19:00

The Jiangsu delegation of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing held the second media open day event on March 13, when the province’s NPC deputies answered reporter’s questions mainly about rural revitalization.

Yang Hengjun

A prosperous and happier life in countryside can’t be realized without ecological protection and a livable rural environment. Yang Hengjun, Party chief in Desheng Village, Jingjiang City said the village’s residents had access to natural gas last year and also launched a series of projects such as road renovation. Following the development, less people have left the village to work in other regions and more are willing to work in the hometown, said Yang.

Ouyang Hua

Ouyang Hua, Party chief of Baita Village in Yixing City, said that to develop rural tourism and improve environment needs better infrastructure. "In the ongoing toilet revolution, we are building a public toilet in the village center and develop other rural infrastructure, so visitors will have better travel experience in their trip."

In Dafeng District of Yancheng City, local authorities have invited professionals to coordinate landscape and environmental protection planning, prepared special plans for village construction and public facilities, and tried to preserve the traditional charms in order to create a beautiful and ecologically livable countryside.

Zhang Lixiang

Jiangsu regards talent as a key to implementing rural revitalization strategy. Zhang Lixiang, Party chief of Huangwo Village in Lianyungang City, said talent is the first resource for development and it’s necessary to provide young people with entrepreneurship platform and good salary, making sure young people can enjoy the same treatment as their work in the city.

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