Jiangsu to keep year-round fishing ban in key water areas of Yangtze River
2019-02-01 16:26:00

Jiangsu provincial government has recently issued a guideline on advancing the protection of aquatic life in the Jiangsu section of the Yangtze River, the most stringent conservation moves ever taken.

According to the guideline, the short-term goal by 2020 is to impose a fishing ban all the year around in key waters, greatly improve the supervision in areas designated for protection of biological resources and aquatic ecosystems, gradually restore the ecological environment of key waters, and bring back the growth of biological resources.

The long-term goal is to significantly improve the ecological environment, effectively protect the aquatic biodiversity, and make sure there are abundant aquatic biological resources and excellent water environment by 2035.

Jiangsu will focus on resources protection and reproduction, continuously improve the fishing ban scheme, and improve the restoration system for rivers and lakes.

The guideline demands more efforts to build water areas for aquatic biological protection and carry out projects to preserve rare species.

The province will improve its protection for rare and endangered species, mainly Yangtze finless porpoise and Chinese sturgeon, through a slew of measures, such as monitoring the natural resources, protection and restoration of key habitats, artificial breeding, and relocation of the species.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Dylan