Another main tower for Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge erected
2018-12-29 17:40:00

Construction of the southern tower for the massive Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge reached a milestone on December 28 with the dumping of the last cubic meters of concrete.

The bridge’s two towers are each 330 meters tall, the highest for bridge engineering. Construction of the tower used 730,000 cubic meters of concrete and 11,000 tons of steel reinforcing bars, also the largest scale in world’s bridges. The northern tower completed the construction of the roof on Sept. 28.

The bridge, connecting Zhangjiagang City and Nantong City, is 11,072 meters long and consists of both railway lines and expressway lanes. The main span of the bridge is 1,092 meters, the world's largest span for a cable-stayed railway-expressway bridge. The bridge makes a number of firsts in both China and the world in terms of engineering difficulties and innovations, making it a representative of the top level of bridge building in China.

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