Lovely kid Norah’s happy growth in Nanjing
2018-12-29 16:40:00

Norah, a toddler of mixed race, and her family have attracted many fans on the Chinese Internet following a report by Xinhua Daily earlier this year.

Paul from New Zealand and her wife Song Renna, a native of Nanjing, gave birth to Norah in October 2016 in Nanjing, where the family runs two cafes.

A child of love across borders, Norah is also a convoy of friendship between China and New Zealand. Her family stores are popular places for Chinese and foreigners, who all like the cute baby.

Xinhua Daily is pleased to bring the latest story of Norah, from the perspective of the lovely kid.

“Hello everyone, do you still remember me? This is Norah. I met you one year ago. You must be already familiar with my dad Paul and mum Rena.”

The reporter told me that a video clip of my tumbling last year made many people laugh. I’m not going to fall again this year, because I can walk very well now.

In this year, I have learned to walk well, run well, hop well, and swim too. My mum says I’m in good spirits every day. Brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, how are you and do you work out every day? Remember to stay fit and healthy. Look, I’m taller too.

My parents have realized their New Year plan – go to New Zealand. I spent one month with my grandparents. There’s a Chinese language school near their home. My dad says I can also learn Chinese if I want to live in New Zealand for a long time and I will meet many Chinese friends there too.

I had my second birthday in October. My grandmother and grandfather flew to Nanjing for the party, their first visit to the city. I showed them around and invited them to try the city’s famous snacks.

I was happy and health in 2018. My parents worked hard too. Sometimes, I stayed with them when they worked. Their work made me sleepy. It seems to be difficult to be a second-generation owner of coffee shop. My mother also hopes that I can learn two languages and two cultures.

Norah's parents made many progresses in 2018. Their daughter brought them surprises and happiness every day, and the couple tried their best to keep the business going.

"We have many old customers and they become our good friends," said Paul. "In 2019, I plan to make some new changes and offer new products." The Xianlin area is home to many foreigners working in Nanjing and they all love to come to Paul's store, having a cup of coffee and some small pleasant chat.

China marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in 2018. As Jiangsu accelerates economic and cultural development and opening up, the number of foreigners who come to work, study and live in the province has reached 100,000. This coffee shop, although small, mirrors the wonderful lives of foreigners in Jiangsu.

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