Bonsai village in Shuyang succeeds on Internet sales growth
2018-12-05 16:02:00

Want to see how the internet can boost the economy, even in small towns? Look no further than Zhouquan village in Xinhe town, Shuyang county, Jiangsu province, which has become famous for selling bonsai products online.

The village entered the bonsai business in the 1980s, and created its online market for the industry in 2007.

Zhou Youye, a local villager, said e-commerce platforms have resulted in exploding sales for the local bonsai sector.

Zhou has run a bonsai business for more than 30 years and opened his online shop in 2008.

"In the past, local farmers had to sell bonsai pots by transporting them far away," Zhou said.

Though the rapid growth of online marketing has lowered the sales volume in brick-and-motor stores, "now we can do business at home, thanks to online platforms," Zhou said.

Zhou said he began to sell his products via a livestreaming platform last year and has enjoyed a big increase in sales.

"Before utilizing the livestreaming platform, we would sell 200,000 yuan ($28,775.05) to 300,000 yuan worth of products per year, but the sales volume increased to 500,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan this year," said Zhou Yuanyuan, Zhou Youye's daughter.

"I usually take seven to eight hours to do the livestreaming every day and it is freedom for me to do such a business," she said.

The Zhous have a lot of company in the village, where more than 120 people have sold bonsai through livestreaming, achieving a sales volume of 120 million yuan and more than 80 million yuan of profit last year, said Ge Hengping, Party chief of Xinhe town.

"Our village has a sound environment for producing high-quality bonsai products," she said.

At present, the village has more than 147 hectares of farms growing bonsai plants and there have been more than 360 local online shops operating via e-commerce platforms including Taobao, Tmall and JD.

Home to bonsai plants, Shuyang has a total of 34,667 hectares for growing flowers and trees for the industry.

Bian Jianjun, Party chief of Shuyang county, said the development of the bonsai industry has promoted the development of the e-commerce and logistics industries in turn.

Currently, the county has more than 40,000 online stores and more than 120 million parcels are delivered annually, according to Bian.

"The development of the bonsai industry has enabled farmers to become rich," he said.

The county also plans to build a tourist attraction in the future based on its advantages in the bonsai industry, Bian said. Editor:Hiram