Huai'an strives to build ecologically livable city
2018-12-04 14:16:00

Since the beginning of this year, Huai'an has adhered to the tenet of “City for the People” and made great efforts to build ecologically livable homes at two fronts - pollution control and becoming a “national civilized city,” China's top honor for civilized urban development.

Up until now, the city has completed renovation of shantytowns for 9,365 households and at a whopping 1.272 million square meters.

It also improved conditions in 200 old residential communities and promoted the construction of eight provincial-level livable demonstration zones.

Six projects were recognized as provincial-level role models for property management.

The city has also surpassed its mid-term goal for increasing the proportion of green buildings among new construction projects to 11.4 percent and also put into operation of 400 new energy buses.

Towns and villages are now fully accessible by buses, two years ahead of schedule.

It also demolished 80 illegal docks, the biggest effort in the province.

Huai’an has also increased the permanent green space at 26 sites and completed 11 designs of building a characteristic village. Editor:Dylan