‘Belt and Road’ climbing competition held in Huai’an
2018-10-11 14:34:00

Photo by Li Feng

The "Belt and Road" International Climbing Master Tournament 2018, organized by Chinese Mountaineering Association, Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province and Huai'an Government, opened in a rock-climbing base in the city on October 9, attracting about 80 top climbers from China, Australia, Russia, Japan, Britain and other countries and regions.

This competition has four individual events – men’s lead, women’s lead, men’s speed and women’s speed.

The tournament, launched for the first time this year, is approved by International Federation of Sport Climbing and hosted by Chinese Mountaineering Association, according to Li Guowei, director of the association’s rock-climbing department. The participants are mainly from the countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative, with Huai’an as the fourth leg.

Huai'an has built a rock-climbing base with complete and first-class facilities on the east side of the newly completed Enlai Cadre College.

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