Jiangsu couples can apply for digital marriage certificate on Alipay
2018-09-29 14:27:00

Starting on Friday, couples in east China's Jiangsu Province can apply for a digital copy of their marriage certificate on Alipay using a mini program launched by the Jiangsu Provincial government.

The certificate can be used for home loan and property transfer applications, inheritance transfer approvals, and property notarization. It can also be used during applications for digital birth certificates and household registration transfers in the future.

Many couples have complained about the inconvenience of needing to provide a hardcopy of their marriage certificate. It is used much less frequently than identity cards and driving licenses, and so is often lost among the household's paperwork.

There is a growing trend towards the use of digitial certificates in China, said Zou Liang, the vice-president of Ant Financial. He pointed to moves by many cities around the country to provide digital social security cards and driving licenses.

Source:chinaplus.cri.cn Editor:Hiram