The Bridge Memories - Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge exhibition to open
2018-09-14 14:47:00

On Sept. 15, Jiangsu Art Museum will unveil The Bridge Memories - The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Artistic Works and Historical Materials Exhibition, which will last for three months, as part of celebration of the bridge’s 50th anniversary.

Built in 1968, the double-decked road-rail truss bridge across the Yangtze River was hailed as an engineering breakthrough.

As the first modern bridge across the river wholly designed and built by Chinese talent and labor, it marked a milestone in China’s independent construction of large-scale bridges.

In addition to the museum’s rich collection of artistic works, visitors will also meet the classics from the National Museum of China, the Nanjing Academy of Art and other institutes, which range from Chinese paintings to oil paintings, block prints, posters and other images.

The exhibition hall on the second floor will allow visitors to look back at the city in different times through displays of the past living supplies featuring the bridge, such as ration stamps, cigarette packs, erasers, candy packs, New Year posters, calendars and textbooks, as well as materials about hotels and cinemas named after the bridge.

The bridge has been embedded into the lives of Chinese people for generations and has an indelible emotional significance.

The interactive zone at the exhibition, “Bridge Photo Studio”, restores the scenery of the Yangtze River Bridge. Visitors can take a photo with retro effects and print the vintage image on the spot. They can also send a postcard at the “Bridge Post Office” to share this unforgettable time and collective memory with others. Editor:Dylan