Wuxi solutions to water pollution worth promotion
2018-09-07 14:57:00

In recent years, Wuxi government has carried out a series of operations to control water pollution and promote ecological restoration. The water quality is getting better by sight and by the improved smell. [Photo/Xinhua]

In the summer of 2007, large blue-green algae outbroke in Taihu Lake, China's third-largest freshwater lake, led to black and odorous water. In response, a number of programs were launched in Wuxi to fight against water pollution.

Wuxi's experience in tackling Taihu Lake pollution over the past years has set a national example. The amount of silt that Wuxi has cleared is 70 percent of that of Jiangsu province, said Zhu Shuangqing, director of the Wuxi Water Conservancy Bureau Office.

A dozen algae cleaners work in the Fishing Port Township, Binhu district of Wuxi, which is a critical district for the treatment of Taihu Lake. Most of the workers were fishermen before the lake protection campaign started.

"Algae increases every summer when the wind blows in our direction," said Zhou Guoliang, the 65-year-old leader of the algae cleaner team.

Gu Gang, an officer of Wuxi Taihu Lake water pollution prevention and conyrol office,explained that algae is just one of the indicators to evaluate water quality. "Our aim is not to wipe out algae but to tackle water pollution. The State Council expects us to ensure drinking-water safety and prevent wide-ranging black and smelly water bodies."

Statistics show Wuxi has currently set up 81 fixed algae salvaging sites and 56 professional teams to work with salvaging vessels. The total amount of algae collected in Wuxi from 2007 to 2017 was 90 percent of that of Jiangsu province.

Algae can be useful through employing the latest technological advancements to convert it into resources such as organic fertilizer. Chen Xuqing, director of the Algae Office of the Wuxi Water Conservancy Bureau, noted that the city is employing new channels to deal with algae without harming the environment.

Wuxi has built four water treatment plants in order to ensure drinking-water safety. As a result, the quality of tap water sourced from Taihu Lake has been greatly improved.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Editor:Hiram