Huai’an sees first air medical transfer a success
2018-08-27 16:43:00


At 4:04 pm on Aug. 23, a helicopter took off from Huaiyin Stadium in Huai’an City, carrying three medical workers and premature twins of mixed sex born less than 36 hours on an intense air medical transportation to Shanghai.

Efforts were made to ensure best preparations to transport the twins, who was less than 2 kg each. Yao Rao of Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation said the company began searching for a helicopter on the afternoon of Aug. 22 and finally secured one from Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province after a lot of coordination. To ensure a success, the helicopter had to undergo some modifications, with three stretchers removed so medical equipment for infants, such as neonatal incubators, ventilators and oxygen cylinders, could be placed in the aircraft.


At 9:00 am on Aug. 23, the helicopter first flew from Ningbo to Shanghai, picking up three medical workers from the Xinhua Hospitalin Shanghai as well as the professional equipment. According to the original plan, the helicopter could arrive in Huai'an at around 1 pm, but it was delayed for more than an hour due to air traffic control. Finally, at 5:48 pm, the twins were transported to Shanghai, where they are receiving treatment at the Xinhua Hospital.

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