Hongze centers on water-themed tourism
2018-08-17 17:53:00


Water constitutes the most unique landscape of Hongze District in Huai’an City, as the district sits with the Hongze Lake on the west, the Baima Lake on the east, the Huaihe River-Yangtze River Waterway on the south, and the Northern Jiangsu Irrigation Channel on the north. Hongze is gradually implementing its integrated tourism strategy with water at the core.

After becoming one of the national all-for-one tourism demonstration zones in 2016, the district received 3.3 million tourists from home and abroad in 2017, gaining a comprehensive tourism revenue of 3.5 billion yuan and rising to become one of the top 10 best recreational cities of China

To cultivate a tourism industry with water as the core, Hongze has designed three premium water tourism routes, consisting of the scenic area of the ancient weir in the Hongze Lake, Dadun Island and the hot spring resort in the Laozi Mountain. It has also launched a series of water-themed festivals and events, such as the International Crab Festival and water sports games.

The "Eight Fresh Seafoods of Hongze Lake” represented by the local hairy crab, and the “Eight Aquatic Plants of Hongze Lake” represented by water chestnut are high on tourists’ shopping list.

Hongze continues to innovate development ideas, enrich tourism products, and upgrade key tourist attractions, existing tourism products and tourism infrastructure.

The construction of Hongze section of the S328, S330 and S348 provincial highways will greatly improve the environment of the Hongze Lake levee and the Huanhu Road circling the Baima Lake.

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