Changzhou bus driver makes headline with 3D printed lamps
2018-07-05 17:06:00

Driver Liu Yin of the No. 213 bus at Changzhou Municipal Public Transportation attracted wide attention with his self-designed creative 3D printed lamps, according to Jiangsu media on July 3.

"I only came across with 3D printing in 2016. I thought it was fun then, so I bought a second-hand printer for about 4,000 yuan ($600),” said Liu. Gradually, he began to learn to build simple models and design parameters, and then produced them with the 3D printer.

Liu Yin designed models, bought tools, materials and sometimes combined woodwork all by himself. He also learned to polish logs himself, slotting them or carving them with a laser engraving machine. He picked up his interest in painting again and went on to learn how to arrange flowers.

In the beginning he could only deal with the simplest geometric 3D printed lamps, but now he is able to add wood art, flowers and comic elements to his work. At first, he made lamps that needed plugs. Now, he can tinker with innovative, unplugged, USB-powered lights as his work becomes more and more creative. Editor:Dylan