Cleaner becomes cyberstar for blackboard art
2018-06-14 16:35:00

(Photo from Weibo account of Nanjing University)

The story of Wu Lidi, a cleaner at Nanjing University, has gone viral on the Internet after pictures of the blackboard newspaper she drew in the dorm building were posted online by students. For the last five years, she has seen off graduates by drawing blackboard newspapers.

Wu, a cleaner in the university’s Xianlin campus, has been interested in painting since she was young. In primary school and high school, she was in charge of creating blackboard newspapers with chalk.

"At the semester’s opening five years ago, the student responsible for the blackboard work failed to come back to school on time, so I took the courage to recommend myself to do the job," Wu said. Her drawing was so good that her manager agreed to let her take charge of the task.

Wu said that the pressure on drawing at the beginning was far greater than the excitement as she was always worried that students might not like it. Step by step, she became proficient and confident. “Students came to take pictures. I felt very happy in my heart.”

Wu’s main job is to keep the dormitory building clean and she draws in her break time. "Although it's a little bit hard, I like it," she said.

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