Changshu starts Internet-powered waste sorting program
2018-06-12 15:40:00

Scanning the QR code on the garbage bag, you can know which household it belongs to. Putting the garbage into the right trash can, you can get the points to exchange goods in the online store. A few days ago, the sanitation authorities in charge of Changshu City’s northern area started the new type of waste sorting with an integration of Internet.

The sanitation department has placed smart waste sorting bins in two communities in Changshu and collected resident information to create the point card and QR code. After the residents stick the QR code on the garbage bag and throw it into the smart recycling bin, the garbage will be collected at the fixed time by sanitary workers.

The smart garbage sorting equipment offers clear, simple instructions on its use, help residents separate waste into different categories including recyclable, hazardous, and food wastes. Different bins in the equipment guide residents to dump the waste bag to the right place.

Changshu City also has set up more than 5,000 garbage collection facilities in public areas and residential communities. To promote the public participation of garbage sorting and accuracy, the city also held workshops, collected the recyclables and hazardous waste, and introduced the point exchange program at 26 sites designated to demonstrate the waste sorting.

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