Young German’s blueberry dream comes true in Lishui
2018-06-08 17:18:00

A young German named Max drove to the blueberry farm in Lixiang Village of Nanjing’s Lishui District, checking the growth of blueberries and also greeting the villagers in fluent Chinese.

“After nearly two years of searching, I finally found such a good place in Baima Town and my dream for blueberries has come true,” Max said happily.

“My father will sell the farm in Germany in the second half of the year and come here to help me grow blueberries.”

Max has been living in Nanjing since 2008. In 2015, after his daughter was born, he started to think of moving out of the city. In 2017, Max rented 20 mu(1.3 hectares) of land for growing blueberries in Lishui.

Max said that blueberries generally mature around June 5, which is also his birthday, and that makes him feel very close to their cultivation. He has also opened a restaurant on the farm where customers can eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

Zhang Youcai, Max’s business partner, said Max is dedicated to his work, grows blueberries with organic fertilizers, and avoids using pesticides or chemical weed killers. The method has increased the cost but also guaranteed the quality of blueberries, according to Zhang.

“I have opened a bakery and the sale of blueberries is not a problem at all,” said Max. He also said he plans to offer bed and breakfast services to make it easy for visitors to experience ecotourism at his farm.

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