Woman enjoys new career as a modern farmer
2018-05-17 17:32:00

Gu Ruojun, a former postgraduate from Nanjing University, once dreamed of becoming a war correspondent. But after finishing studies abroad, she became a financial analyst. Now the woman born in the 1980s has come back and became a farmer, chasing a green agricultural dream.    

From Luoshe Town in Wuxi City, Gu is one of the farmers in new generation who try to renovate traditional agriculture with fresh ideas. After marrying a man from Luoshe in 2015, she began a new acquaintance with land and has completed a transition from initial failures to achievement by turning 500 mu of wasteland into fertile farmland using scientific methods.  

Gu said China is making great efforts to build Internet-based modern agriculture through the application of information technologies including Internet of Things, cloud computing, Big Data and mobile Internet. The efforts have helped many to redefine agriculture and also lets her see the new approaches and new ways to transform the agricultural development model, said Gu.  

In developing a new form of agriculture, Gu also integrates tourism and elderly care services in her initiatives. From a base in the countryside, Gu’s Xingnuo Farm brings a lifestyle centered on agricultural and rural charms, and also blends pig and pigeon farming, sales, sightseeing and healthcare all into one.    

“I’m becoming more and more fond of nature, enjoying going beyond the boundaries. Agriculture is no more about dirty soil or backward. As a new type of farmer in Wuxi City, I’m very proud,” said Gu. 

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