Retiree uses wooden carving to tell history
2018-05-16 18:23:00

Many Nanjing residents have found elaborately crafted wooden plaques on the railings along Dingxin Road and Hongtuqiao Road that have allegorical sayings about the city’s place names. Some choose to stop to read them with a strong interest.    

The wooden carvings were created by Yuan Maolin from the Qijiawan Community in the Chaotiangong area. Now 68, the retiree once worked in the transport sector. He began learning painting and calligraphy when he was young and in his 50s he began practicing the ancient craft of carving characters on wood. His wooden creations and paintings are widely used in the community for decoration.  

Yuan’s latest works feature old sayings and folk similes about places in Nanjing. He designed and then carved the words on boards, with over 20 of them selected by the community to hang on road railings. In addition to decoration, the works also help residents understand the history behind lanes and streets. 

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