Highway and rail bridge completes main tower
2018-05-16 18:20:00

As the last cubic meters of concrete were poured, construction on the main tower for the Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge in Zhenjiang City was completed on the morning of May 15. The combined highway and rail suspension bridge has the largest carrying capacity in the world.  

At 6.409 kilometers long with a span of 1,092 meters, the bridge has an upper deck carrying a highway with eight lanes in two directions that enables vehicles to travel up to 100 kilometers an hour, while the lower deck is railway lines for fast trains running up to 250 kilometers an hour. It is the first suspension bridge with a highspeed railway in the world.  

The main 1.3-meter diameter cables used for Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge are the thickest at present in the world. Every single main cable has a 90,000-ton pulling force believed to strong enough to lift 1.5 fully loaded Liaoning aircraft carriers. The north anchorage caisson covers about 7,000 square meters, equal to 16.7 basketball courts and recognized as the largest in the world. 

The Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge is the core project of the highspeed railway linking Lianyungang, Huaian, Yangzhou and Zhenjiang. It will cut travel time from 8 hours to 2 hours from Liangyungang to Nanjing, and 3 hours instead of 11 hours from Liangyungang to Shanghai. 

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