Volunteers in Sheyang County offer all help to new ‘mothers’
2018-05-14 17:59:00

Members from the Volunteers Helping the Disabled Association in Sheyang County visited the Siming Home for the Aged on the afternoon of May 12 to celebrate Mother’s Day and provide all kinds of help to the elderly, such as cutting hair, making dumplings, measuring blood pressure, trimming nails, applying makeup and having a chat.

Volunteer Li Guohua, who is 51 and himself disabled, trimmed the nails for 79-year-old Zhang Guomin, saying with emotion “my mother died many years ago. As tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I felt quite lonely. But through this activity, I have met another mum so I can perform filial piety, which makes me feel very happy,” said Li.

Zhan Yufang, 75, was all smiles as she watched the performance of an art troupe and held the hands of Shi Chengyan, a volunteer from the association. “I don’t have a daughter, but I get a daughter’s love and care,” she said. “I’m very happy on this Mother’s Day.”

Members from the Volunteers Helping the Disabled Association built a one-to-one assistance connection to 62 senior people in Siming Home and will come to visit them regularly.

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