Love bonds Jiangsu doctors with quake-hit Sichuan youth
2018-05-14 17:49:00

“It’s been 10 years since the deadly Wenchuan earthquake took place. I say a loud Thank You on behalf of our family members to you, dear doctors. We are doing very well and are still grateful for your help.” Qiu Haibo, currently vice dean of Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University and ICU director, received this short message on his cellphone, at 3 am on May 12.

The message came from Li Lu, a child he saved in the Wenchuan earthquake. According to Qiu, Li and six other children were among the most severely injured, so the rescue team spend the most energy in saving them. Li’s legs had to be amputated after he was sent to the hospital, and due to gradual infection his pelvis part was almost affected too. His upper limbs suffered necrosis as he had been under rubble and endured heavy weight and pressure. Medical experts tried their best but still failed to save Li’s right arm.

Li’s life was saved, but with such physical challenges, how would he cope with life, study, work and establish a family? Qiu and his medical team members have been concerned about his situation. Every year in the past 10 years, they visited Sichuan before Spring Festival to unite with the children they helped during the catastrophic quake.

Among the rescued children, some are pursuing a postgraduate degree, some are looking for employment or even seeking entrepreneurship, and some have gotten married and had children.

When the doctors visited Sichuan or the young people came to Nanjing, they sit down to have meals and a wonderful hearty chat like family.

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