Paralyzed man makes a miracle with volunteers group
2018-05-11 17:08:00

It’s time to have his injection again. From a medical kit, a man took syringes, disinfected them, filled a prescription, got a shot and began to have saline, with little trouble in the process although he was paralyzed and had to bend over the bed.

Wang Delin of Changzhou City, 52, was paralyzed at age 7 in a car accident. He developed nephritis after lying on bed for a long time. Since he was 30 years old, he had to take the treatment all by himself.

As he got saline, he also began his daily work answering or making phone calls. Despite his personal misfortune, he has another remarkable role to play – the founder of Changzhou’s first charity organization, the One Plus Young Volunteers Team or One Plus Love Association. He is well known in Changzhou.

One day in 1998, after lying in bed for a long time, Wang dialed a hotline to express his suffering. He later received 100 yuan remitted from Guizhou Province. In the following year, Wang continued receiving 100 yuan a month from a man called Zhang Zhengqiang, who was also paralyzed. Later the two became friends and have treated each other as family members although they have not met.

Because of the donation, Wang also started to engage in charity activities. He was certain that there are many other disabled people like him who need to talk about their own troubles. So Wang turned his cellphone number into a hotline and promoted it through the radio station although he had to answer calls in bed.

In 1999, Wang and several other disabled people, also his friends, established the One Plus Love Association. For 20 years, the organization has developed volunteer teams in 23 colleges and operated 200 service stations. Together, the volunteers offered 500,000 hours of services, provided long-term support to 593 families hit by poverty and serious diseases and more than 260 elderly people who live alone.

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