Lou Qinjian: Jiangsu’s goal should be manufacturing powerhouse
2018-05-07 18:12:00


Lou Qinjian, Secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, conducted inspection tours on talent training to cities including Changzhou, Nantong and Yangzhou as he paid visits to Changzhou Technician College, Nantong Vocational University and the Yangzhou 486 Intangible Heritage Cluster.

As a big manufacturing province, Lou said, Jiangsu needs to greatly develop vocational education amid efforts to build a modern industrial system, train craftsmen to serve the country’s growth, form a large pool of high-level skilled workers, promote the spirit of craftsmanship all over society, undertake professionalism and ‘constantly strive for perfection’ in a shared ethos as well as provide robust support and guarantees to Jiangsu’s progress in increasing its manufacturing level and accelerating transformation.

Lou also said speeding up the manufacturing development level and Jiangsu’s quality-orientated growth needs many top-notch science and technology professionals as well as skilled workers, so the province can upgrade from the stage of ‘Jiangsu-made’ to ‘Jiangsu quality guaranteed’ and transform from a big manufacturing province to a manufacturing powerhouse.

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