Research: at least 60 Japanese military comfort stations in Nanjing in WWII
2018-05-04 16:40:00


“The Record of Japanese Military Brothels,” officially published by the Nanjing Press recently, is the first book about the Japanese military “comfort stations” in Nanjing in wartime, saying the number of such military brothels was at least 60.

The book consists of three parts with the first part on the general introduction of how the Japanese army enforced the “comfort women” system and built “comfort stations” in Nanjing, followed by a part on the types of “comfort stations” built during the Japanese occupation of the city and the third part on the former site of a "comfort women" station at Liji Lane in Nanjing, now a museum.

In April 2016, the Research Institute of Nanjing Massacre History and International Peace launched the project titled “The investigation of the former sites of Japanese military comfort stations in Nanjing”. After two years of hard work, the research team finally released their studies and published the book.

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