Volunteer narrates film for visually impaired
2018-05-02 16:42:00

Over 100 visually impaired people enjoyed Feng Xiaogang’s latest film Youth, or Fang Hua in Chinese, in the No. 5 Auditorium at Suzhou Shidai Jinqiu Cinema on April 28, thanks to the great narration of volunteer Wang Weili.

The audience ranged from teenagers to those in their seventies. For many, this was their first time to go to cinema. “I heard about the movie two months ago and really wanted to watch it so this was really a dream coming true. The film itself was good and the narration by Wang was also very fascinating because many details told by Wang helped understand the movie characters and story better,” said an audience with visual impairment, adding he wanted to listen to movies again if there’s chance in the future.

About one week ago, Wang approached a screenplay writer to prepare the narration script specially for the visually impaired people. Then with the script, he rehearsed narration while watching the film so he could memorize details about the film, from the characters and their backgrounds to the tones and intonations of lines, and finally he made a vivid depiction to the non-sighted audience.

Wang started a program called Xinmu Cinema, with Xinmu literally meaning to see through the heart, back in 2005, and he has so far narrated over 700 films for visually impaired audience.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Nicky