New media professionals shed light on communication innovation
2018-04-28 15:24:00

Four professionals from China’s major news media apps held a roundtable dialogue on the topic ‘Regional Internet Media Innovation’ during the Zijin Network Communication Innovation Summit in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province on April 27.

Zhang Ling, director of the Interactive News Center of the Shanghai-based The Paper, said The Paper is one of the most dynamic news apps in China with content as its key advantage, but it also actively experiments with diverse channels for content publication.

To enhance interactivity and user experiences, The Paper offered a question and answer service that allows readers to go beyond just reading news starting in 2015. Last year, a video platform was added to The Paper to further expand the content scope. “We have kept updating, and in the Internet age, it’s very necessary to be innovative to communicate quality content and enhance influence.”

He Keyi, director of the New Media Department and Internet TV at Jiangsu Broadcasting Corp. (JSBC), said innovation is the basic means and communication is the ultimate goal. To achieve better communication results, innovation needs to be present in every post and every work procedure. Since the launch, the Litchi News app by JSBC has released new versions about every 20 days, with changes ranging from the use of new technology to more details and content restructuring.

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