Jiangsu makes life easier for migrant workers in cities
2018-04-17 17:29:00

China will accelerate the pace to integrate migrant workers into cities and help them launch startups or find jobs through multiple channels, according to a national work conference on migrant workers on April 12.

Jiangsu has about 22 million migrant workers with an average monthly income of 4,091 yuan ($651). In the process to urbanize the migrant workers, Jiangsu has relied on sub-district offices and community service centers to build up the comprehensive help centers for migrant workers, establishing 676 such centers. In last year, the province assisted 93,900 migrant workers in their entrepreneurship initiatives, which led to job opportunities for 380,000 people.

The work conference also suggested improving a long-term mechanism that can prevent and deal with wages in arrears, vowing to address the issue before 2020. To implement the full coverage of social insurance, priorities will be given to migrant workers who have not participated in the urban worker's basic endowment insurance system. Jiangsu will also improve the administration of labor employment, focus on the regulation of micro or small companies that use a higher percentage of migrant workers and labor dispatching, and direct or urge employers to sign and execute labor contract with migrant workers.

Jiangsu has also fully relaxed the policy over hukou (household registration) transfer, issuing a cumulative of more than 21 million residence permits. About 87 percent of children of migrant workers can study in public schools for compulsory education.

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