Healing in love across the globe
2018-04-14 16:39:00

Dr. David Roye with a little patient at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital in Nanjing, April 13. [Photo/Hou Yumeng]

Dr. David Roye, director of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center appeared at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital in Nanjing on April 13, when the fourth JSPH&CCPF Charity Medical Mission was about to kick off.

As a member of the medical staff at Children of China Pediatrics Foundation (CCPF), Dr. David Roye and other staff at CCPF are about to give charity surgeries to around 60 children from poverty-stricken families and orphanages all over China over the week-long charity mission.

In 1998, Gena Palumbo established CCPF after she adopted a little girl from Nanjing Orphanage in 1995. “After I adopted my daughter, who is very healthy, I really wanted to do something for the other children in the orphanage who is not as lucky as she was.” Gena said.

Gena Palumbo speaks at the launching ceremony of the Fourth JSPH&CCPF Charity Medical Mission, April 13.

Since establishment, CCPF has been coming to China and offering charity medical service to kids with congenital diseases or disabilities. In January of 2015, CCPF joined hands of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital (JSPH), and later initiated the “Healing in Love” JSPH&CCPF Charity Medical Mission in April. The two sides agreed to make the mission a long-term charity campaign, which is held every April.

The fourth mission of 2018 has so far selected 60 children who meet the indications of operations from over 100 applicants all over the country.

“Every year we try to innovate and to bring new people along. We have some wonderful and well-trained ENT (ear, nose and throat) plastic surgeons this time, which is great. And we will be doing plastic surgery reconstructions on the mission this time.” Dr. Roye introduced.

In the previous missions, the charity surgeries were usually arranged on weekends so as not to increase burden to the medical resources of the hospital. While this year, there is no such trouble as the surgeries will be conducted in the hospital’s newly-built emergency and outpatient complex.

“We have more time because we have more wards. We’ll be working very hard over the weekend so that we can be able to continue working through the week and be able to help more children, in this beautiful, amazing new hospital.” said Dr. Roye.

Shortly after a simple launching ceremony, the joint medical team started to make further examinations on the children.

The medical staff and volunteers at the Fourth JSPH&CCPF Charity Medical Mission.

According to Gena Palumbo, the medical staff from both countries have established close cooperation over the years.

“When we leave China every year, we leave with very complete medical plans to follow up with the children. And the doctors at JSPH do a lot of follow-ups and they are in touch with us in the United States of everything further they want to consult about.

Over the last three years, the joint mission has offered free clinic to over 200 kids and more than 100 charity surgeries were performed.

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