Yangtze River City Cluster to be national model
2018-04-12 17:23:00

Jiangsu will focus on building a modern economic system and beef up its manufacturing and Internet industry, in an aim to be a national front-runner in high-quality economic development.

In promoting the construction of advanced manufacturing bases, Jiangsu will create the “China Made 2025” Yangtze River City Cluster National Demonstration Zone, to build a number of trillion yuan-level industrial clusters based on new-generation information technology, new materials, and high-end equipment.

In advancing technological innovation system, Jiangsu plans to pilot construction of two to three provincial-level manufacturing innovation centers in the fields of construction machinery, carbon fiber, robots, graphene, high-end CNC machine tools, and complete sets of equipment. It also aims to add two or three new incubators for industrial big data, advanced functional fibers, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, etc. Furthermore, enterprises in the key fields, such as construction machinery and robots, will be guided in industrialization initiative too.

To promote industrial restructuring, Jiangsu will set sight on long-term deployment of next-generation information technology industries, such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Then in terms of promoting integrated development, Jiangsu will deepen the Internet + advanced manufacturing industry, and build 10 industrial intelligent factories with full intelligent control for the plant production, to set high benchmark for such industry.

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