Nanjing expats benefit from one-stop visa service
2018-04-12 16:17:00

Jiangsu’s first one-stop visa service center at the community level - the Foreigners Management Center of the Nanjing Police Station - has progressed smoothly one month after it started operation on March 11.

The center in Qing’aocun (Youth Olympic Village) of Nanjing’s Jianye district, handled 60 registrations of temporary accommodation, accepted 20 reservations for residence permit, processed two foreigners’ visa application, reminded expiration date of visa for 32 times, and also launched a volunteer team made especially for foreigners.

In the past, a foreigner had to complete a registration of temporary accommodation at a local police station first and then visited the city’s Public Security Bureau to process the visa application, meaning at least two visits required. The center’s one-stop visa service has made things much easier for foreigners.

Running on an appointment-only model, the center decides the weekly working hours according to the daily inquiry and reservation. Foreigners can consult the center and book an appointment between 14:00 pm and 16:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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