Jiangsu to achieve full coverage of family doctors in 2020
2018-04-09 15:37:00

A senior citizen in Nantong shows a contract of family doctor service, Mar. 1, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

The General Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Government has recently issued a plan to deepen the institutional reform of the medical and healthcare system in Jiangsu Province (2018-2020), proposing many measures to ramp up basic, local medical services.

According to statistics from the province’s Department of Health, 36.7 percent of the general population and 67.7 percent of the priority group in Jiangsu signed up with family doctors in 2017, a significant rise over the previous year. By 2020, Jiangsu’s family doctor service will be available to the entire population and every family can access a family doctor.

In the area of family doctor services, research will be conducted to establish a data base of relevant projects. The province will carry out pilot programs for home-based care and support for the elderly, in an aim to guide the elderly to actively sign up with family doctors.

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