NPC deputies from four regions discuss Yangtze River Delta protection
2018-03-19 17:40:00

On March 19, four deputies to the National People’s Congress from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui exchanged ideas over improving environmental protection in the Yangtze River Delta to “discuss together, gather administrations and share together.”

Ouyang Hua

Ouyang Hua, also the Party chief in Baita Village in Xizhu Town, Yixing City of Jiangsu Province, suggested further increasing ecological compensation and demanding people who benefit from a good environment pay more fees to places that are remote, less developed and better protected environmentally to help ensue those places retain a good environment. At the same time, ecological protection cannot be realized by the efforts of just one place or one region. As a result, it’s important to think about the bigger picture and strengthen coordination by different regions, such as the joint efforts needed from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang for comprehensive reclamation of Taihu Lake.

Tang Hailong

During the two sessions this year, Tang Hailong, Party chief of Chongming District in Shanghai, talked about developing a world-class ecological Chongming island many times. He suggested introducing a Yangtze River Delta Regional Coordination Act from the country level to streamline cooperation and joint efforts. The focus would be on a long-term protection mechanism for the delta and finally developing a unified coordination platform for administrating water, soil, forests, air and other ecological recourses.

Ge Yiping

Ge Yiping, chairman of the standing committee of Wenzhou City People’s Congress, said he believes cities in the Yangtze River Delta are inextricably linked with mutual influences in water, air and soil conditions. According to Ge, a holistic approach is needed to coordinate and plan economic growth and ecological protection in the cities with full consideration given to a city’s resources and environmental carrying capacity as well as planning for functional areas and other practical concerns. At the same time, before passing a regional environmental law, cities need to seek each other’s suggestions, avoid conflicts among regional laws, speed up institutional reform in core areas, and contribute to the forming of a mechanism that features discussion, administration and sharing together.

Xu Hengqiu

Xu Hengqiu, director of the Environmental Protection Department in Anhui Province, said the province will shoulder its responsibilities in building ecological civilization, deepening reforms in environmental protection, and working hard toward a mechanism based upon joint actions. He also said efforts will be made to strengthen environmental law enforcement, increase the costs of breaking environmental laws, and make contributions to jointly improve the environment in the Yangtze River Delta and build a beautiful China.


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