Innovation-driven healthcare to ensure high quality services
2018-03-13 16:43:00

The Government Work Report this year mentioned clearly that the state’s science and technology funds will give priorities to aspects of livelihood, the fight against smog, and treatment and prevention of cancer and other serious diseases.

One NPC deputy and a CPPCC member from Jiangsu Province shared their views on how to drive innovation and provide high-quality medical services to the public in an exclusive interview with Xinhua Daily on March 12.

Sun Piaoyang

Sun Piaoyang, a NPC deputy and also president of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine, said pharmaceutical companies need to ensure the safety, quality and reasonable price of medicines. He also said Chinese drug makers need to work hard to be creative and improve quality. “Some generic drugs to treat malignant tumors have been sold in Europe, the U.S. and Japan on a large sale. The quality and effect is good enough to compete with imported drugs, and if their prices are more reasonable, the financial burden on patients can be greatly lowered.”

Yuan Yafei

Yuan Yafei, president of SanPower Group and a CPPCC member, said the group has invested in the healthcare industry over the past several years, with a main initiative to store umbilical cord blood stem cells and offer genetic testing. However, the business is more about making a backup plan for health reasons and prepare people for certain diseases.

Yuan also said that Chinese company should conduct independent research while at the same time looks forward to mergers and acquisitions, since it can save time and expense by combining existing results and also consider Chinese concerns.

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