Jiangsu deputies to NPC outline integrated transportation system
2018-03-13 16:34:00

The Jiangsu delegation to the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) held its third group interviews on March 12, inviting three deputies to give answers on the modern, integrated transportation system.

Qian Kaifa

Qian Kaifa, president of Nanjing Lukou International Airport, said the planned Nanjing Airport Economic Zone will have a core area of over 80 square kilometers and center on the Lukou airport while spanning across Nanjing’s Jiangning and Lishui districts. As one of the city’s three pivotal economic zones, it will be a key driving engine to promote the development of manufacturing and other industries. In addition, Nanjing is also applying for building a demonstration zone for an airport economy with steady progress already made.

Wu Xiangdong

Wu Xiangdong, director of the Nanjing Railway Office of the CREC Shanghai Civil Engineering, said railway construction in Jiangsu Province is undergoing an important transition from fast growth to high-quality growth. Future efforts will be made to improve the railway network in central and northern Jiangsu, promote the pivotal role of Nanjing in railway transportation, and optimize the location, function and interconnection of railway stations.

She Caigao

She Caigao, president of Nanjing Metro, also vowed to “support and regulate” the investment of private capital into subway projects. He said Nanjing’s metro system developed rapidly in the past five years with total length reaching 260 kilometers. To make Nanjing a prime city, transportation network needs to play important roles and the metro system, as a part of modern transportation network, is also expected to make contributions, said She.

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