NPC deputy Li Yehong: busy but happy improving people’s life
2018-03-12 16:47:00

In fulfilling her duties, Li Yehong, an NPC deputy and also general manager of Shima Mountain Eco-agriculture Development Co., Ltd., gave observations on the national economy and livelihood with a woman’s nuanced view on social development and improvements in people’s lives.

Li proposed opening a station on the Nanjing-Huaian Railway in the Huanghuatang area of Xuyi County after making intensive investigation and research before the annual two sessions, noting the railway is both a focus of public attention and a realistic demand for regional development.

Over the past several days, railway planning work in northern Jiangsu Province became a hot topic in both the plenary meeting and panel discussions by NPC deputies from Jiangsu Province. Li said Huaian and Nanjing are not currently linked by trains so the construction of the new railway not only shortens the travel time between two cities but also connect Huaian with cities like Yancheng, Xuzhou and Shandong Province.

After dedicating herself to work inahilly area for 12 years, Li Yehong has transformed barren mountains into tens of hectares of fruit trees, helping poor farmers gradually increase their income and become prosperous. The area had no roads, water supply or electricity in the past, but now it had access to telecommunications and the Internet. The country’s development has really brought a sense of gain and happiness to locals.

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