Quality revolution of made-in-China goods a hot topic
2018-03-09 17:19:00

Workers work at a product line of a microelectronic company in Nantong, Feb. 22, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

In this year’s government work report, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned that China would take steps in all sectors to improve quality, encourage the spirit of craftsmanship, and ignite a revolution in the quality of made-in-China goods.

In regard to the idea, the NPC deputies and CPPCC members from Jiangsu to this year’s “two sessions” put forward many suggestions.

According to Hong Huimin, CPPCC member and chairman of the Jiangsu committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association, to improve quality is a systematic project including upgrading national quality standards, improving employees’ quality-oriented mindset and labors’ competency as well as technical innovation.

Hong also said, the focus of the quality revolution in the manufacturing industry lies in the supply-side structural reform and efforts need to be made to increase the productivity of land resource, labor, capital and innovation so as to upgrade the band of “Made in China”.

NPC deputy Zhao Wei, with the Weifu Group from Wuxi City, attached great importance to enhancing quality control through meeting world-class benchmarks.

“Setting standards needs to go before improving quality system,” she said. “Quality standards in some industries are not consummate. That gives opportunity for shoddy products, which not only disrupts the market but also is a waste of resources. We need to establish a more orderly market and make high-quality products the mainstream.”

CPPCC member Ding Zuohong, also chairman of the board with Yuexing Group, suggested that it’s also important to enhance government supervision during the quality revolution in China's manufacturing industry.

“Supervision is not random administration, and delegating power does not mean to encourage indulgence. I think the relative government departments should strengthen quality supervision over Chinese goods according to the advanced international standards.”

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