Huaian issues driving ban to deadbeat borrower, first in Jiangsu
2018-03-09 16:11:00

The court in Xuyi County, Huaian City issued a judgement on March 5 banning a man surnamed Cheng from driving a private car after he was listed as a deadbeat borrower.

This was first such driving ban against someone who refused to repay loans in Jiangsu Province.

Cheng was indicted over a construction contract dispute. Four years ago, before the court gave him the enforcement notice to repay the debt, he sold off his property to a relative and changed the owner of his car to a friend, making him one of the deadbeat borrowers, or laolai in Chinese.

Court judge Shu Qingbo said the driving ban was made in accordance with restrictions enacted by Supreme People's Court toward the deadbeat borrowers. If Cheng is found driving a vehicle, except for the transport business, he will be fined, detained and possibly face criminal charges in situations serious enough to constitute a crime.

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