Jiangsu doctor praised for heroic behavior on plane
2018-02-11 16:14:00

Chen Shi, a doctor from Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM, has drawn much applause on the internet recently.

It turned out that he saved the life of a senior passenger from Guangzhou on a flight from Germany to Nanjing on Feb. 8. The old lady, in her seventies, suddenly couldn’t breath during the flight. Hearing the in-flight announcement of looking for a doctor, Chen Shi, who just came back from his honeymoon, rushed to site. The old lady has been suffering from rheumatic heart disease, and got worse because of the air pressure.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine on the plane. Chen Shi did first-aid, made some necessary checks, and stayed with her till she felt better after oxygen inhalation. The plane burst into applause and some passengers posted his heroic deeds on the internet, winning lost of thumb-ups.

“I just did what any doctor would do,” said Chen Shi with a gentle smile.

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