Foreign experts give wishes, advice on development in Jiangsu
2018-02-07 17:19:00

A group of foreign experts working in Jiangsu province were invited to a roundtable talk on Feb. 6 to talk about Jiangsu’s development in a new year.

Josef Voglmeir, the first full-time foreign professor at Nanjing Agricultural University, has been living in Nanjing for eight years. The rich academic atmosphere and pleasant cultural environment have always been attractive to Josef. “I hope that I could work here until retirement,” he said.

Married with a Chinese wife, Josef wished that he could enjoy the pension insurance just like his wife.

According to Zhu Congming from Jiangsu Provincial Office of Human Resource and Social Security, China is currently working on the pension plan for foreign experts in China.

Bernhard Weber, CEO of BSH Home Appliances Holding (China) Co., Ltd, gave his advice on the new “Made in China” plan. “Skilled artisans are vital, no matter in traditional manufacturing industry or emerging industries,” he said. “Chinese parents should eliminate the prejudice over technical worker, so that more young talents could enter the manufacturing industry.”

Bernhard also talked about Jiangsu’s industrial strategies. He suggested that the government give support to innovation companies with foreign capital and stage relevant policies so that the children of foreign management staff could attend school in China more easily.

Jean-Marc Bovet, counselor at Suzhou-based CF PharmTech, Inc., has just move to Suzhou for two years. His biggest wish right now is to settle down and integrate into local life in Jiangsu. “I hope that the government could release official service brochures to foreigners new to Jiangsu, for example, common Chinese in life, where can I find an English-speaking doctor and where can I quickly master Chinese, etc.”

Dai Yuanhu, director of Jiangsu Provincial Office of Human Resource and Social Security, said the office would spare no effort in researching and settling the suggestions of the foreign experts, and create a favorable environment for international talents in Jiangsu.

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