Jiangsu, Tencent to build new smart city
2018-02-04 12:25:00

Jiangsu Provincial Government  signed a strategic cooperation contract with Tencent, one of China’s leading internet service providers, in Nanjing, Jan. 31. According to the contract, the two sides are to cooperate in 30 projects, covering almost every aspect of life.

The cooperation is to promote the in-depth application of cloud computing and big data in a number of industries, for example, the police affairs, public transportation and financial regulation systems.

Public service platform is also a crucial area of the cooperation. Tencent is to help develop WeChat applets to offer online service in areas like medical care, medical insurance, public security, public transportation, education, tax and so on.

Besides, Jiangsu and Tencent are to join hands and build “entrepreneur villages” to bring together innovative talents and create a special area for them to start entrepreneurship. The in-depth integration of Tencent’s technologies and local resources is expected to bring along a number of internet companies in Jiangsu and build the core industrial chain.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Amanda