China’s 1st AI Medicare Creative Center settles in Nanjing
2018-02-04 09:41:00

Tang Jinhai (R), superintendent of Jiangsu Province Hospital and Chen Guangyu, vice president of Tencent at the signing ceremony. [Photo/Jiangsu Province Hospital]

Jiangsu Province Hospital initiated cooperation with Tencent, one of China’s biggest internet service providers, on Feb. 1, on smart hospital and launched China’s first Artificial IntelligenceCreative Center for Medicare.

The two sides are to conduct in-depth cooperation and research in artificial intelligence in medicine and the whole flow of smart hospital.

Besides, the cooperation will help upgrade the hospital’s information system and promote its refined management by taking structural processing and in-depth analysis of the medical big data, which will make Jiangsu Province Hospital a pilot in smart hospital building.

China has been attaching great importance to internet application in the medical field.The “Healthy China 2030” program issued by the State Council in 2016 has proposed the development of healthcare service based on internet technologies.

After long-term cooperation with Tencent, Jiangsu Province Hospital now offers online service of registration and payment, etc., which has greatly raised the efficiency of the hospital and improved the patients’ experience.

According to Tang Jinhai, superintendent of the hospital, the AI creative center will enhance the advantages in resource, personnel and technology of both sides, boost the development of internet, big data and AI technology in the healthcare industry and the integration between them, so as to offer better healthcare service.

In a greater perspective, the cooperation between Jiangsu Province Hospital and Tencent has started a new phase of smart hospital construction of Jiangsu, in which intelligent diagnosis plays a crucial role.

Intelligent diagnosis refers to AI-assisted diagnosis that enables computer to “learn” from doctors with healthcare big data, and give treatment plan simulating the doctors’ thinking.

Based on research team of Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu Province Hospital has built a big data platform in December of 2015, and has collected 600 million clinical records of 6.26 million patients, a strong support to the hospital’s intelligent diagnosis system.

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