Wu Zhenglong deliberates work reports with PPC Huaian delegation
2018-01-30 15:07:00

Wu Zhenglong, Governor of Jiangsu province, deliberated the 2017 Work Reports of the standing committee of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress (PPC) with the Huaian delegation to the first session of the 13th PPC on the morning of Jan. 29.

The work report, according to Wu, is a reflection of President Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the 19th CPC National Congress spirit. During the past five years, the 12th Jiangsu PPC and its standing committee have strengthened the consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, thought in big-picture terms, followed the leadership core, and kept in alignment. At the same time, the PPC and its standing committee have closely followed the Central Committee in terms of thinking, political orientation, and actions.

Wu also said, in the new era, the provincial government would continue to implement the resolutions of the PPC and its standing committee, and would willingly accept the oversight.

In the meeting, Wu Zhenglong responded to the delegates’ advices and suggestions to the work reports of the provincial government.

Standing at a connecting point linking south and north China, Huaian boasts profound history and excellent location. In the new era, Huaian should effectively put into practice the new development philosophy, and continue to break new ground in development of high quality.

Yao Xiaodong, head of the delegation and secretary of CPC Huaian Committee, said Huaian is to seize the opportunity to build Huaian into a well-off society in an all-round way by 2020, and accelerate Huaian’s pace to develop into an important center city in north Jiangsu.

Cai Lixin, mayor of Huaian, added that in 2018, Huaian will concentrate in a number of crucial projects to boost the real economy, speed up the economic transformation and upgrade, and deepen reform and innovation.

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