Huaian boosts construction of regional central city
2018-01-23 11:35:00

Taking the UN Habitat Award as an aim, the city of Huaian has been improving its public facilities and making high-quality projects to boost the construction of regional central city.

In 2017, Huaian invested 96.8 billion yuan ($15.1 billion) in 793 city construction projects, bringing a number of results.

The urban function has been promoting. Projects of financial center and high-speed railway business district are progressing. A number of transportation infrastructure projects are proceeding smoothly.

Public facilities in the city are also improving. Measures have been taken to tackle traffic jam and water pollution.

Besides, a series of greening projects are making the city more beautiful.

People in Huaian have better living conditions. 28,322 suites of affordable homes are built for the needy in Huaian in 2017. Three projects related to living won provincial awards.

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