Jiangsu boosts ecological agriculture around Taihu Lake
2018-01-10 11:13:00

Jiangsu province will step up its efforts for the enhancement of environmental protection and pollution prevention around the Taihu Lake through the cultivation of eco-friendly agriculture, according to the opinions on speeding up the construction of ecological agriculture in Taihu Basin released by the provincial government recently. 

The opinion made it clear that agricultural production in the Taihu basin should strive for the coordinated development of production and ecology through the cultivation of green, ecological and modern agriculture dominated by high-quality rice, efficient horticulture, eco-fishery and creative leisure agriculture. 

Efforts will be made to strictly control the use of chemical fertilizers and prevent pollution emissions so as to achieve rotation fallow, planting, farming and animal husbandry cycle, according to the opinion. 

Measures will be taken to strengthen natural wetland and biodiversity conservation and the construction of ecological shelterbelt belt around the Taihu Lake, the opinion said. 

Poultry breeding will be banned in the class-A protection zone with the lakes and rivers in the class-A and class-B protection zones prohibited from breeding poultry on a massive scale, according to the opinion. 

Jiansgu will also make greater efforts for the protection and promotion of the products of geographical indication such as the hairy crabs in the Yangcheng Lake, the Taihu Lake, the Gucheng Lake, and the Changdang Lake and also the freshwater shrimp in Liyang County. 

It is expected that the Taihu Lake Basin will be developed into an eco-friendly agricultural demonstration zone where the use of pesticides will see zero-growth, 98% of the poultry manure will be recycled, 60% of the crop fields will be water-efficient and 55% of the natural wetlands will be placed under protection.  

Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Hiram