French painter donates 'comfort women' paintings to Nanjing museum
2017-12-13 16:43:00

French painter Christian Poirot donated "comfort women" - themed oil paintings to the Liji Alley Comfort Women Museum in Nanjing on Dec 12.

Last year he donated the huge oil painting "Deliverance" based on the Nanjing Massacre to the Memorial Hall of the Victims of Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders.

The five oil paintings donated by Poirot include the large oil painting "Nanjing's Howl of Misery" he recently created in France, "Eyes in Hell", "Woman Who Says No" and "Body Check" that he created when visiting Nanjing in September and October this year, as well as "Nanjing, Striving for Peace".

Standing in front of the 1.85-meter long and 1.49-meter wide "Nanjing's Howl of Misery", one would feel like they were present when those miseries happened. Poirot said many people came to see this painting when he created it in France, and they either fell into complete silence or ran out crying.

The other four paintings were created after Poirot visited the former site of a "comfort women" station at Liji Alley in September.

Poirot said during the month he stayed at the museum, he dared not meet the "comfort women" survivors because he was afraid to look into their eyes. But looking at the photos of "comfort women" every day and seeing their miserable expressions, he still felt sad and hoped his work could support the survivors.

Christian Poirot was born in 1961 and is a member of L'Institut de France.

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French artist donates oil painting on Nanjing Massacre Editor:Dylan