Picture album on Nanjing Massacre survivors launched in Nanjing
2017-12-05 16:00:00

(Photo from vijs.net)

The historical picture album 130 Survivors of Nanjing Massacre published by Zhejiang People's Publishing House was launched at Nanjing Museum of the Site of Lijixiang Comfort Station on Dec 4.

It records more than 200,000 words of oral histories by 130 Nanjing Massacre survivors. The over 500 pictures of survivors of Nanjing Massacre and the bloody massacre of Chinese civilians by Japanese invaders expose the crimes against humanity. Currently, only dozens of survivors of the Nanjing Massacre documented in the book are alive.

Li Xiaofang, author of the book, is a photographer. He interviewed survivors of the Nanjing Massacre in many parts of China. He also visited Japan and South Korea for detailed historical information.

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