Drama Nanjing Trial debuted in Nanjing
2017-12-01 17:10:00

(Photo from vijs.net)

As one of the activities to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the victims of Nanjing Massacre, the drama Nanjing Trial was debuted at Zijin Theater on November 29.

Based on real history, the drama re-presented the trial of Hisao Tani, a Class-B war criminal of Japanese invaders and one of the main culprits of Nanjing Massacre, 70 years ago.

Deng Hainan, the playwright, said that the drama was created based on historical facts and many of the plots, lines and even props have historical origin.

On the stage, the performers fully presented the internal conflicts of the characters to the audience.

According to director Pan Xiping, the Nanjing trial is like a war without fire. Hisao Tani played all tricks trying to deny the charge and acquit himself, which is an immense challenge to the young judge that was responsible for the case and represented the righteous side. At last, Chinese judges pinned Hisao Tani on the death penalty with facts and law.

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