Huai'an 'sky train' construction project expected to break ground this month
2017-11-02 16:59:00

A "sky train", vehicle for Huai'an's future elevated rapid transit system, attracted many citizens in front of Huai’an Municipal Stadium on Nov 1.

"The sky train project to be constructed in Huai’an is an improved product from BYD and has multiple advantages,” said an engineer.

"First, the sky train has a low noise level,” the engineer continued. Sky train uses rubber tires and concrete tracks, which reduces the noise to levels far lower than those typical for subways and trains. The noise is only around 60 decibels within a distance of 25 meters, equivalent to the level of normal conversations. In addition, sky train is low cost and has a short construction period.

"Its cost is only one-fifth that of the subway, and its construction period is one-third that of subway construction,” according to a briefing. Additionally, the sky train boasts superior climbing and turning performance over subways and requires less land area. “You can even build a sky train above the green belt, with the train traveling at a speed of 80 kph,” said the engineer.

The Huai’an sky train demonstration route construction is expected to start this month.

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