Jiangsu unveils results of first geo-information survey
2017-10-21 10:13:00

Jiangsu boasts a total of 103,229 square meters of land, including 26 island reefs and excluding the tidal flat areas, the Provincial Information Office unveiled at a press briefing on Tuesday. The numbers are part of the results of the province's first province-wide geo-information survey.

The province’s landforms include plain, hills and hilly lands with 89706 square meters of plain, 11916 square meters of hilly land and 1606 square meters of hills.

The province also boasts 66186 square meters of green cover, accounting for 64.10% of the total land.

The survey also clarified the area, composition and spatial distribution of rivers, lakes and reservoirs and the area, length, composition and spatial distribution of the railway and road surface in the province.

Earlier in April, China released the results of first geo-information survey. The country boasts a total of 7.56 million square kilometers of vegetation cover, while buildings cover 153,000 square kilometers of land.

The survey started in January 2013 and lasted three years, with the help of more than 50,000 people and technologies such as remote sensing satellites, drones and 3D laser scanning.

The surveyors combined aerial photography and on-site verification in order to provide more precise information and improve the survey’s quality.

Source:江苏国际频道 Editor:Hiram