Ma Jing: 20 years of sewage work- Note of deputy of the 19th CPC National Congress
2017-10-12 16:52:00

Ma Jing is the fifth head of the No.4 sewage squad of Xuzhou Water Bureau. She has worked in the squad for nearly 20 years. Ma Jing's mother Guan Yongshu was the second head of the squad, and influenced by her mother, Ma Jing's childhood dream was to become a sewage worker, and her dream came true when she followed in her mother's steps at the age of 24.

Ma Jing rememberes the first time she followed her instructor to clean the sewage pipe. When the well cover was opened, pungent smell came out and two other new workers stepped aside, but Ma Jing volunteered to get down to the dark sewage pipe first.

She became deputy head of the squad in 2005, was appointed the secretary of the squad's Party branch in 2013, and was elected as the team head in September 2016.

Xuzhou is an old city with complicated underground sewage pipeline system. The work area of the team covers the 30 square kilometers of the Quanshan district, including the desludging, dredging, maintenance, management and flood prevention of 180 km sewage pipeline and over 6,000 inspection wells on 35 main and secondary roads.

The recent flood season was the busiest time for the squad. Ma Jing had to get to the site before 8:00 am every day and take the squad to repair wells and clear the pipes. In the evening she also had to dredge the pipes with workers in another squad till the next morning.


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